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Car parts will be made from the plant

Science And Technology desk :  Japan will create third-generation car parts by making ‘nano-fiber’ from cellulose in the plant.
The country’s Environment Ministry said this. At a press conference on Friday, ministry officials said the project would begin early next year. It will cost US $ 3 million.
They will be manufactured using this nano-fiber, which will make it possible to manufacture the necessary materials for building cars and homes, they said. The technology is expected to help combat global warming. Most of the plant’s body is made up of cellulose. 
This cellulose is a chemical polymer of glucose molecule that contributes to the body’s energy.
Scientists have recently discovered the process of making nano fibers from cellulose.
The Ministry of Environment also said that the hard cells are prepared by mixing the plant cells with a chemical called resin. These fibers will be collected from cellulose nano fibers, which are as thin as 20% of a person’s hair.
This fiber is at least five times stronger than iron and five times lighter in weight. The automobiles built with it will be light in weight and will help improve fuel efficiency.
Ministry officials said Japan’s motor vehicle manufacturing companies will be more interested in the issue.
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