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Drone Like a Bird

Science-technology desk: A man named Edwin von Wimbach has invented a drone named ‘Bionic Bird’ to look exactly like a bird.
He claimed that the drone weighing only 5 grams could be controlled through the smartphone app.
The Daily Mail recently said it could reach up to 100 meters in the initial stages.
HD camera will be added later. Its creator, the French company, is currently using it for fundraising.

This bionic bird made of foam is capable of flying for 10 minutes at a time after taking charge from an oval charger.
In an interview to the BBC, claiming himself to be an ‘engineer and inventor’, Wimback said the drone of a eight-centimeter structure was only 2 centimeters. It looks like a bird in the sky. The drone will not harm the environment, he said.
However, he did not say what the drone could be used for.
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