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How to remove the whole body pain?

Neck pain, head ache or hand pasaraha whole body pain has overcome you. Could not concentrate on any work. So, as always, you have the help of painkiller to get rid of it easily.
But do not forget about one thing, painkillers help to relieve the pain temporarily. You will have to suffer the same pain again later, this is true even if you do not want to believe it!
According to the doctor, excess painkillers are harmful to our health. Painkillers are prone to high blood pressure (hypertension), diarrhea, nausea, certain side effects like bleeding, risk of heart attack, kidney disease and even deadly diseases like cancer.
Again, it does not even sit with unbearable pain.
Then the way?
Hey why are you thinking so? The natural ingredient is a tea made of yellow, which will reduce your unbearable pain.
According to researchers, the health quality of yellow is known to everyone. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients of turmeric are also particularly effective in relieving inflammation in the body.
Then why?
Let’s find out that magic yellow tea making recipe:
Yellow Tea Making Material: Four cups of water, two tablespoons fresh yellow, the same amount of lemon and honey (to enhance the taste).
Prepared Recipes:
Heat the water in the oven. When the water is hot, boil it with turmeric powder for 5 to 20 minutes. If you use a fresh yellow cookie, simmer for 5 minutes. After boiling the water, mix it with lemon juice or honey.
Then see how in a short time the witch has taken all the pain in your body with the help of tea.
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