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Instruments will report in advance of the earthquake

Technology Desk: An Indian citizen has invented an alarm device to prophesy an earthquake-like catastrophe in the aftermath of a natural disaster in a subsequent global environment.
Narayan Jethwani, a resident of Siliguri, said the alarm was the result of a 20-year study.
However, Jethwani alleges that due to the will of the Indian government, extensive research and development on the machine is not possible.
Jethwani said the device alerted in advance before the earthquake. After a long 20 years of hard work and research, he invented a device called earthquake alert. He informed the Indian Innovation Foundation in writing about his discovery .
However, the government did not look into the matter.
With the right incentives and support, this machine will save millions of lives in the near future.
However, the address of the device is now, Narayan Jethwani’s small lab.
Engineer Narayan Babu, who was in Bhutan for a long time at work, thought of a device that came to his head after a devastating earthquake.
এরকম নিত্য নতুন তথ্য জানতে নিয়মিত ভিজিট করুন।

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