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June 30th, Leap Second!

Tricknews Desk: Leap Second is going to happen on June 30th 2015 Although we are familiar with the Leap Year, Leap is not as familiar with the second term. That is, the duration of the day on June 30 is one second longer.
Sounds strange but true. The cause of the entire matter was described by NASA, the US Space Research Agency. Daniel Macmillan, from the NASA Gaddard Space Flight Center, said an extra 1 seconds will be added this June to keep pace with the world’s slowest, ie, daily speed. As a result, July 1 will not start until ,12:59 minutes and 59 seconds. You have to wait one more second, everywhere in the world.
The speed of the earth is slowing down a bit. So 1 seconds will be added to the UTC to keep the coordinated Universal Time or UTC and Atomic Time the same. In June, there are usually 86 thousand 400 seconds. This time it will be more than a second. That means 86 thousand 401 seconds.
Typically, the clock is at 00:00:00, which is the next day, after 23:59:59. But after June 30 , it will be 23:59:60 and then 00:00:00, that is, the next day, July 1.
However, this is not the first time that this is happening. Earlier in the year, the first leap seconds were added.
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