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Solar Bicycle – teenage scientist who built

Science Technology Desk: Apparel Name Echo Solar Bicycle, ASB for short. The uniqueness of the bike made by Ahn is that it runs on battery power as an alternative.
Even with a pedal, just like any ordinary bike, these two wheels can be used.
In just six months, a solar powered bike has been put on shelves in Mumbai, India. The newly invented bicycles have already been gifted to the Dabwalas in Mumbai.
It has been reported that in normal sunny days, it takes 3-5 hours to charge a solar panel.
Bicycling can also be charged. Max speed is 20 km per hour. This project was nominated by the All India Nehru Science Center Innovation Festival. He was awarded special titles at the exhibition.
How come the idea of ​​inventing such a bicycle?

In the words of Ahan, ‘Last year I did an internship under a solar power company. I also did some online study about renewable energy.
So I thought of using solar power in everyday life. This is the time when suddenly the idea of ​​a solar bicycle comes to mind. A. My own thoughts and projects. After a five-month vacation, I started working on May 27, the first model was made in four months. He has continued to improve for a year after that. ‘
Were there any obstacles in the way of discovery?

“There were some problems with the design of the bike and the proper functioning of the parts,” said Ahn.
The main challenge was weight. He also has to be careful about maintaining balance with him. And the lack of proper details about the various parts was also problematic.
Who will use this fancy bike?

Ahn claims, ‘For those involved in home delivery, the bike will become essential. Delivery to newspaper dealers, milk dealers, bartenders, laundry and various restaurants is suitable for the ages. Exporting the product on a bike instead of a motorbike or moped will reduce the rate of ambient contamination. Due to the use of common parts available, the price of the bike will remain in the general area.
Ahn, a former student at The Cathedral and John Cannon School, decided to go to Britain for higher education.
sources : aisomoy
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