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The New Horizon of Internet Use

Technology Desk: Proper use of TV whitespace can open new horizons in the IT sector. As a result, developing countries will have access to billions of people without internet connection.
This was highlighted at a technology conference held in Manila, Philippines this month, about the use of TV white space.
What is TV White Space?

The unused waves on the wireless spectrum are white space, which can act as ‘super Wi-Fi’. For the sake of buffering, television networks have a place among the channels. These places are like the ones used to win the Four. Therefore, they can be used to provide a broad range of broadband internet connections.
It is not compatible with any of the conventional technologies. This is because the technology used to use the same waveform that is assigned to the programming of TVs. It has Spectrum facility for reaching end users.
Able to work within environmental constraints as it works Rural Connect Connection Center Antenna Rural Connect Gray Hawk Unit Broadband Connection 5 km.
1. Rural Connect Radio searches online databases containing a list of all the channels available in their area.
2. The database lists empty channels that do not interfere with RuralConnect.
3. The base station sends a signal to the customer’s radio. This ensures attachment.
Once connected, the conventional Wi-Fi router is capable of accommodating up to 500 meters of space (2.4 and 5x GHz) networks. TV whitespace networks can accommodate up to 10kilometers (470-700 MHz).
This technology is capable of sending powerful signals to rural areas as well.
Source: CarlsonWarelessdotcom and Devex Dotcom
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