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Uber’s flying car in collaboration with NASA

TECHNOLOGY Desk: Uber is bringing flying cars to make it easier to travel.

The American Space Agency has already joined hands with NASA. NASA engineer Mark Moore has joined hands with the project, according to a Bloomberg Technology report.

Last October, Uber said it was keen to create flying vehicles to avoid traffic jams.The company was planning for a small electric aircraft. They can fly like helicopters in the open sky. These flying cars will be noiseless, easy to operate, and pollution levels are lower than helicopters.

NASA engineer Mark Moore has been working at the company for 3 years. He has been working with these flying vehicles for so long. Over the past few days, the topic of flying cars has become popular on social media.


এরকম নিত্য নতুন তথ্য জানতে নিয়মিত ভিজিট করুন।

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