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HelpBangla.com is an online community. Members in the community can write heavily – tips on any topic. Being an online community, this site will be the venue of different opinions – it is normal. Therefore, all members must adhere to certain rules for community discipline. All members are so surprised that the Anniversary community can make the community safe and prosperous for all.
The main purpose of the rules is to help him. Wonders Annasars community hopes that each member will follow their rules, maintaining their integrity, modesty and dignity. If a member disobeys the rules of the community, the community administration board can take one or more actions against it. Even without any warning notice his membership can be canceled forever.
  • => There are members of different opinions. Being responsible for protecting individual’s individual and democratic rights, and being a member of the respectful respect and respect for another member, each of us is the responsibility of each of us.
  • => Write your tips only on the correct section, so that the discussions are neatly arranged. This will benefit other people looking for tips later on to find the answer.
  • => Wonders Annasars is not a chatroom, personal frustration or anger can not be rained on others. No rancor or chaos can be created in any way.
  • => Each member here has different beliefs, thoughts, ideas and backgrounds. Therefore, the reasons behind creating rude and chaos in their responsibility must be avoided. Above all, please follow all the rules of the HelpBangla site.

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